Never Underestimate Pain

Well, crap.  That really hurt.  Like REALLY hurt.  I don’t know what I was expecting in the way of MOHS surgery on my leg (I’ve had it previously on my arm and shoulder), but it was NOTHING like I’d anticipated.  I don’t know if the pain was due to having surgery on 3 different spots on the same leg or the actual placement of the spots or what.  But something made it really bad.  There’s a scene in the movie ‘Hitch’ where Will Smith is standing with Eva Mendes in a museum on Ellis Island and she reacts very negatively to a sweet gesture he had planned.  After her outburst, he says, “I saw that going differently in my mind”.


You and me both, Will.  You and me both.

I spent the better part of the weekend in bed in excruciating pain, and can’t believe I never saw it coming.  The day of my procedure the nurse said, ‘We have a prescription for Tramadol for you’ and I completely dismissed it.  The cocky side of me explained to my mom on the car ride home that these people don’t know what I’m capable of pain-wise, and we’d be silly to get the prescription filled.  I mean, I’ve survived 4 surgeries and chemo in less than a year and I proudly didn’t take heavy drugs to get through all of that.

WRONG.  I could not have been more wrong.  I quickly learned you don’t DARE pain.

If you imagine having the largest bruise on your shin and having someone press down on it constantly and times that by 1000, you’d be scratching the surface of my pain.  It was downright miserable.   Here I was in bed again unable to even walk around my house without writhing in pain.  It was an all too familiar scenario for me and one I didn’t necessarily want to revisit.  There’s only so much HGTV and Netflix one can watch in a year and I believe I met my personal quota about 4 months ago.

Thankfully, Trevor sprung back into action as my nurse and got my pain under control.  I did eventually succumb to taking Tramadol (which subsequently led to me vomiting and also reminded me why I don’t do well with heavy pain meds in the first place).  But Tylenol and Advil were there to pick up the pieces Tramadol left behind and I am FINALLY feeling much better.

So is this the end?  I’m praying with all my might it is.  But for now I will rest in the fact that it is the end FOR NOW.  And that’s got me and Will Smith doing this…


Minus the jacket, belt buckle and high waisted jeans.

Until next time…much love to you all & make every day count,


“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”  Romans 8:18


10 thoughts on “Never Underestimate Pain

  1. I always love reading these and getting a few laughs even if the real reason for writing them is not always the happiest. UGH! to not only the pain but then those ucky meds! I will say that the Apple Tv has helped when Kevin is stuck in bed and it helps me catch up on programs (I have no patience for commercials). Hopefully that is the last of it for you! How are your eyebrows and lashes? I hope you are seeing some growth…..sorry we can’t brush it all over your head. Continuing Prayers and Love, Pam

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  2. Jamie, Karen told me you were really in pain following this procedure, but I didn’t realize the degree of pain until I read this! Sorry 2018 didn’t start out with the kind of promise we had all hoped for! But now that January is almost gone, let’s mark it off and look forward to February and the rest of the year. Our prayers continue coming your way. . . .

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  3. Love you, Jamie. You, along with P, have endured more pain throughout the past year than anyone should in a lifetime. I pray that your pain is over for good! I pray that P follows suit as well. He might just take a little longer. ❤️

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  4. Precious, beautiful Jamie, I am so sorry you had to go through pain again. But now, the cancer is gone and the healing is continuing. My prayer for you, Jamie, is continued complete healing and restoring of your beautiful hair! You have been such an inspiration to us and your humor is beyond words for your story. I have printed every word you have written and will keep it. I shared your story with my Cathy who has cancer in both breasts and two different cancers. Her breast cancer is very different but cancer is cancer and evil! I love you so much!

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