Negative means Positive

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and encouragement regarding my lymph node biopsy.  To have your company on this journey is the biggest blessing of all.

We received wonderful news that my lymph nodes are ALL CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude.  This news is a game changer, and I am rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord.

My youngest son, Hayes, upon hearing the news that my lymph nodes were negative, announced that “negative means positive, mom!”.  Yes, yes it does.

The next step in my treatment is the double mastectomy, which is tentatively scheduled for the day after my birthday, May 23rd.  I like to say that with a biopsy on my wedding anniversary and a mastectomy close to my birthday,  I sure know how to celebrate!  (I think I’ll just sit Mother’s Day out this year 😜).

I asked my oldest son, Hudson, if he was okay with me having such a big surgery during his high school finals week.  His response?  “This is not about me, mom, please do whatever you have to do to get the cancer out!!”  I might or might not  have fallen into a proud mom puddle after that.

I want to thank Trevor, my mom, dad and my sisters for being there during and after the biopsy.  Taking my kids to school, watching movies, walking the dog, etc.  I’ve also found that unsweet tea is a good substitute for Diet Coke, and I think Ashley has brought me a different flavor of tea every day to try.   (For those that know Ash, she doesn’t do anything half way).  I’m so unbelievably thankful for my family.

And YOU!!!  I’m so thankful for you.  Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated, as are your texts, emails, comments, etc.  I find so much strength in your words, and I thank God daily for your heartfelt concern.

Until next time…much love to you all & make every day count!!


“Rejoice in the Lord always…” Philippians 4:4





17 thoughts on “Negative means Positive

  1. Thank you for trusting us and taking us on this journey. Praising our God for great news! You are an amazing writer. Love to you all!! Continued prayers!

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  2. so happy over this diagnosis! God has you in His arms and has more plans for you Jamie. Prayers will be with you during your surgery too. love you! Aunt Sis

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  3. Oh how thankful I am!! I remember the day my report came back clear. You are going to whip this and look fantastic. Love you tons!!!!

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  4. So thankful to be reading these words, Jamie. God is good. Will continue to pray beside you along this journey, dear one. xoxo

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  5. Oh Jamie, this is such wonderful news! Answer to so many prayers being lifted up for you!

    We love you and will continue praying for smooth sailing through this journey. You are such a wonderful inspiration for so many.

    The McLeroy Family

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  6. Thank you, Jesus! Great news to hear that the cancer hasn’t traveled too far. Still praying for healing. 🙏🏻😊❤️

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  7. So thankful for the good news today. Please know the Longs & the Owens are praying for you and your precious family. We love you!

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  8. What wonderful news!! Yes – negative is most certainly positive! So sorry you are having to walk this road. Please know my prayers are with you and the entire Berry/Kraus clan! Praying for peace, comfort and complete healing!

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  9. This is WONDERFUL NEWS in the scope of this whole ordeal! We are feel your blessed gratitude. I took the liberty of sharing this news with Jonathan and Emily…they are just back from Arizona….Sedona, Grand Canyon…old haunts in Phoenix….lifting you and your up DAILY and each time the Lord brings you to my remembrance! Love you! Forbes

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