Pending Warrior Status

The NBC hit show, ‘America Ninja Warrior‘ is all about conquering one difficult challenge at a time as contestants navigate an insanely rigorous obstacle course.  It always amazes me that after the participants do something like this…


they have to do something like this…


then this…


I don’t know about you, but I can think of about 1,000,000 other things I’d rather be doing.  Like this…


Or even this (minus the peacock blanket)…


The point being, it’s hard enough to get over one huge hurdle.  But then to realize there’s another one right in front of you, then another, then another, calls your endurance into question.  There’s a reason these people are called WARRIORS.  And probably not ONE of them owns a peacock blanket.

This long obstacle course full of challenge after challenge is a tad bit what the cancer process feels like.  You get through one surgery, then there’s another.  One appointment, then another.  And while I’m not at Warrior status just yet, I have a feeling I might qualify when all of this is said and done.

As mentioned in my previous post, Dr. Potter’s office called the other day to let me know that my nipplectomy (not an official term although it should be) was scheduled for July 6th.  I originally thought (hoped) it would be much sooner, but Dr. Potter’s timing wins.  And let’s face it, what would my journey be without marking special occasions and holidays with a biopsy, surgery or procedure?!  #happyeaster #happyanniversary #happybirthday #happy4thofjuly

Then Tuesday afternoon, my mom, Karen, and sister, Jennifer, took me to Dr. Grant’s office for a surgical follow up visit.  My mom drove us there, and the nicest thing I can say about that is she is not in jeopardy of getting pulled over for speeding anytime soon.  Ashley normally drives in these situations, but because she had to pick her kids up at the same time as my appointment, Karen took the wheel (where’s Jesus when you need him?).  It literally took us longer to navigate the parking garage than it did for me to have my actual appointment (I wish I was kidding).  My prayer is that Ashley’s kids don’t go anywhere else the entire summer so she can resume her role of being our “büber” driver (a coined term by the Berry girls thank you very much).

Dr. Grant was so encouraging and said everything was healing nicely (yay!!).  Also, he gave me some daily exercises to strengthen my muscles and to regain full range of motion.  Literally my appointment took 5 minutes max from start to finish.    I’m not sure Karen would would have even made it to the second level of the parking garage by then.  (In her defense, however, she can deliver groceries and walk my dog like a beast.  We all have our gifts.  I love you, mom.)

After my appointment, I was feeling so happy.  Even though every day has been very different in terms of recovering, that was a good day.  And I get really excited about the good days.

The following morning, I got a call from Dr. Potter’s office telling me that my first ‘inflation’ (my term, not theirs) needed to be scheduled.  FOR NEXT MONDAY.  As in the day after #fathersday.  What?!  I thought I was in the clear at least until my nip surgery.  Ugh.  And even though this is a super minor ‘thing’ and a necessary part of the process, this is how it felt…


Without the range of motion.

Anyhow, when I texted Trevor to tell him about Monday’s inflation appointment, he replied with this:


And that’s why I tell people I have 4 boys, not 3.

Dr. Potter’s nurse told what to expect in terms of pain or side effects after the first expansion (I believe this is actually the technical term).  She said to take Alleve and possibly a muscle relaxer as these often times cause muscle spasms.  Totally not pumped about that (pardon the reverse pun).  She also mentioned to plan on not driving myself.  (Insert your own Karen joke here).

So, just when I thought the only thing I had to concentrate on was not injuring myself while pulling a gallon of milk from the fridge (let me just say OUCH), I’m presented with another hurdle.  But I feel completely confident that with all of your continued support, encouragement and prayers, this ninja is ready!!

Until next time…much love & make every day count,


“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 3:14



5 thoughts on “Pending Warrior Status

  1. Jamie………you are so brave and such an inspiration to so many people……….I am so glad I’m on your email list! I’ve always been so glad to be friends with your parents and laughed out loud just now when reading about Karen and her driving skills! My thoughts and prayers, and Jerry’s, too, of course, are with you and your whole family…………..AND our love……….Janie Gilmore


  2. Praying for ninja status next week. You already have my vote!!!
    Love you.

    I am poor and needy. Come quickly to me, oh God. You are my help and my deliverer. Lord, do not delay. Psalm 70:5


  3. Jamie – you are a true warrior !!!! Sending many hugs and many prayers … and much, much love !!! ❤️🙏❤️


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